If there is a special note that you cannot find in our current inventory lists on the web, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Our inventory changes frequently. Our attendance to trade shows, auctions, network of collectors and dealers provide a wealth of resources to locating your special need.  As you brouse through our inventory online and select notes you wish to purchase, contact us ahead of time to verify their availability.


14 day money back for the note if your not happy with it. The note must be returned in the same condition as sent. If the note was sealed in a Third Party Holder, it must be returned in the same holder unopeneded.

Upgrade Credit:
Should you want to upgrade at a later date. The price you paid for the note will be applied to another acquisition that exceeds the price you paid for the trade-in note. You will get full credit for what you paid for the note as long as its in the same condition as it was sold.

Unless specifically requested. All orders will be sent via USPS Priority Mail with confirmation of delivery. Should you wish to use an alternative carrier or delivery method, please call. Cost will be $6.00 and is subject to change.  Additional insurance is available via USPS at their current rates. Terms are FOB Origin.

United States Postal Service (USPS) Money Order should be made payable to:
Jeff Paunicka and sent to: PO Box 683, Portage, IN  46368  

P.O. Box 683
Portage, Indiana 46368-0683

Hours by Appointment